Who we are

Rotaract Bitola Shirok Sokak  is part of the Rotary International and it’s one of the 10,904 Rotaract Clubs worldwide, which counts 250,000 members over 180 countries round the world. Rotaract Clubs connects young leaders at age 18-30 with one purpose, exchanging ideas with the leaders of the society, developing leadership and professional skills and serving the community in order to make a positive difference through example and action. In communities around the world, Rotary and Rotaract Clubs work side by side with the aim of taking action through community service. From big cities to rural areas, Rotaract Clubs are bringing positive change to the communities.


The Rotaract Club “Bitola Shitok Sokak” started operating in 2014, on the initiative of the mentorship club Rotary Bitola Shirok Sokak as a sponsor club. The first meeting was on 6th November 2014 in the Hotel Milenium on Shirok Sokak, where till today  regular club meetings are held every Wednesday at 8pm. The formation of the club was preceded by the first “School for Young Leaders” under the auspices of the mentoring club whose aim was to source the first members of the Rotaract Club Bitola Shirok Sokak

The club today has 20 members, of which 14 are charter members / part of the club’s founders who came from the above school.

From 2014 until today, the Rotaract Club Bitola Shirok Sokak and its membership have managed to grow into a true community of young and prominent leaders in their society who through their projects and activities have become recognizable in the city of Bitola and beyond.